Last updated: 16 Luglio 2022

This agreement outlines the licensed rights of the individual or organization (THE LICENSEE) that has purchased or/and downloaded any MUSIC PACK from the copyright holder, Francesco Fabrizio (THE LICENSOR).
This agreement intends to provide clear information on how the pack can be used, restrictions on its use, and the basic license terms under which it is offered.

Rights Granted

and MASTER USE LICENSE to use the audio recordings inside ANY PACK in synchronization with a video game, film, or other media project including commercial projects MULTIPLE TIMES and IN PERPETUITY. This allows the licensee to:

Use ANY PACK in synchronization with a video game, film, podcast episode, or similar media project where ANY PACK accompanies visual images (e.g. placing the ANY PACK as background audio in a game) or audio recording
(e.g. placing the audio in a podcast episode).

Edit the provided recordings to fit specific requirements, such as trimming or compressing.

Use audio from ANY PACK multiple times, in multiple projects without further payment or fee to the licensee without expiration to the license which is applicable perpetually.


The licensee may not re-sell, re-license, share, make available for download, or otherwise distribute ANY PACK or any of its contents as a standalone audio product, audio service, sample or stock audio, or as an accompanying soundtrack product to a project. The licensee may not assume permission to identify the licensor as a supporter or advocate of the project in which audio from ANY PACK is used without consent from the licensor. This agreement has been created to clarify the permitted use of the pack given its purpose as a video game stock audio library. If a specific use of the pack is not clearly permitted in this agreement or is not reasonably suggested through its language and context then it should be assumed that such activity is not permitted without prior permission from the licensor which will not be unreasonably withheld. No use of the pack is permitted that violates local or international laws or otherwise constitutes illegal activity.


Copyright of ANY MUSIC PACK and all associated rights shall remain the ownership of the licensor, Francesco Fabrizio.
No part of this transaction constitutes a transfer of ownership or copyright of THE PACK and, as such, the licensee mustnot engage in any activity that would otherwise only be permitted by the copyright holder of the ANY PACK or its audio contents. Such restricted activities include, but are not limited to, registering audio from THE PACK with royalty collection agencies, content ID systems, publishing as stock audio, and distributing or claiming ownership.


This agreement does not cover use of the pack to create an accompanying soundtrack product (e.g. a video game’s soundtrack album sold on Apple Music, Spotify, or Steam). Permission to use ANY PACK audio contents in an accompanying soundtrack product can be obtained with the licensor’s permission. It should not be assumed that such permission will be granted.
Permission to use ANY PACK or its content will be provided in the form of a publishing agreement, separate to this agreement, that will allow distribution of ANY PACK and its contents.

Clarification & Acceptance of Terms

By purchasing or/and donwloading and using ANY PACK, the licensee understands and accepts the terms of this license agreement and the established copyright and licensing terms to which it relates. If this agreement cannot provide adequate authority of the licenses granted, the licensor will, to all reasonable effort, assist the licensee in providing acceptable proof of this agreement.